Thursday, April 16, 2009

In the beginning..........

Let me introduce you to my world - first, the vineyard,
busy producing that most wonderful grape -
the pinot noir.

Next, the barn/studio where if you listen carefully, that clinking noise
you hear is my creative right brain at
full throttle.

Meet the "boys", Beau and Tank, the backbone of the farm and the best
companions, protectors, squirrel chasers and chicken herders
you could ever hope for.

But everyone has a soft side...............

A few of the specimen 'crazies' on the farm - many stories to be told.
Shown here are LowRain, Zsa Zsa, Marquis de Sade (Markie for short), and
yes, he's named appropriately, and Aretha.

The real Queen of Daffodil Hill is Daphne, a 50 Chevy pickup with a 68 Impala engine......she purrs.........